Undercarriage Inspection Part I The walk around “visual inspection”

Undercarriage Inspection Part I The walk around “visual inspection”

Inspections are best performed after the machine has been in use. The sooner the better after stopping machine on level ground.

Use a temperature indicating gun and take readings on the end of every track pin and on the end of each shaft of all rollers and idlers.  The temps should be approximately 8-10 degrees warmer than ambient temperature. The sun shining on one side of the machine vs the other can cause temps to be higher on that side. The most important thing to look for is temperature differences. If one or more track pin(s) or roller/idler shafts are over 10 degrees warmer than the rest, you may have an alignment, load, or pre-failure issue and will need to inspect the component(s) closer.

**In the absence of a heat gun you can feel the end of pins and shafts by hand but be very careful a failing component can be very hot and cause burns.

Look for any shiny, peeling, or other unusual wear on the metal of track links, tracks pins, roller and Idler flanges. Check for loose track pad mounting bolts and other signs of unusual wear.

I will cover more about unusual wear topics and track sag in later posts.

If you have any questions or need help identifying an UC issue, feel free to contact us or send us an email/pictures to info@tracksnmore.com

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